Landlord Protection

Landlord Protection

As a landlord, you may have already decided to let your property to long term tenants and cover yourself with Landlord Insurance, you might have nothing to do with Airbnb and the Sharing Economy.

This does not mean you’re not at risk...

Most landlord insurance policies exclude cover for subletting. This means if your tenants let your property out to other tenants or share it on websites like Airbnb, without your knowledge or permission you could be liable for thousands of pounds worth of damage.

On the other hand, you might have a very good relationship with your tenants, they may have sought your permission to let on Aibnb on a short-term basis or maybe they want a friend or partner to move in temporarily. Find out more

If you are a landlord looking to let your property on Airbnb, you may like our Host Insurance

Landlord’s Tenant Host Protection

Inlet provides cover to protect you from tenant’s subletting with or without your permission, our product acts as a top up to your existing Landlord Insurance policy

Sleep as easy as your tenants with our cover!

Key cover sections

Legal liability
Legal Expenses

Additional covers

Damage caused by fire
Replacement keys and locks
Damage caused by explosion
Damage caused by emergency services
Damage caused by an escape of water or oil
Alternative Accommodation
Accidental damage to property
Malicious damage to property
Investigations with HMRC
Theft of property
Eviction of Guests
Public liability