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If you are letting out your whole property or multiple rooms to guests booking through websites like Airbnb, Onefinestay and Homeaway, then our Host Insurance top-up is for you

We have 3 different types of Host cover:

Room Host

If you let out a single room in your property on a short-term basis to a guest, then you may like our Room Host policy, This is our most basic and cost effective policy.

House Host

If you let out your entire property or multiple rooms in your property, on a short-term basis to guests, or want to benefit from a higher level of cover to our Room Host policy, then you may like our House Host policy

Annex Host

If you let out an annex, converted outbuilding or other type of permanent structure on your property to short-term paying guests, then you may like our Annex Host policy.

Why do you need Host Insurance?

  • Standard Home Insurance does not allow commercial activities to take place at your home.
  • If you are a landlord, then short term hosting can make great financial sense if you have a gap in tenancy. However, Landlord Insurance only allows you to have your main permanent tenants rather than short term guests
  • So renting out your house to guests could therefore invalidate your whole Home or Landlord Insurance in the event of a claim, which means that even claims unrelated to the letting may not be paid out.
  • Standard Home and Landlord Insurance is also not designed to cover adequately the risks which Hosts face and even some holiday home policies do not provide full coverage. Find out more
  • Most sharing platforms do not provide any protection for hosts. Whilst Airbnb does provide a measure of protection, there are some significant limitations to these protections. Find out more

Our Host Insurance Covers

Sleep as easy as your Guests with our cover!

Key cover sections

Legal liability
Legal Expenses

Additional covers

Damage caused by fire
Replacement keys and locks
Damage caused by explosion
Damage caused by emergency services
Damage caused by an escape of water or oil
Alternative Accommodation
Accidental damage to property
Malicious damage to property
Investigations with HMRC
Theft of property
Eviction of Guests
Public liability

Before you get top-up insurance from Inlet...

You need to contact your existing Home or Landlord Insurance policy provider to let them know you intend to let your house on a short-term basis, and you will cover this under another policy of insurance

Your insurer should be happy to continue to insure the property for standard household claims, this is generally what your insurer means when they say you are covered. However, some Insurance providers may not be as familiar with this activity so we have developed some tips on what to say

Inlet are working with Insurers and Shared Economy UK , a CBI managed industry body to promote clarity on how short-term hosting is handled. It will take some time to reach all companies and for processes to be clarified and updated.

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