Top-up Insurance

Short term Insurance top-ups give you the additional cover you need for sharing activity, just for when you need it.

If your property is let on a short-term basis on websites like Airbnb and Just park, before you let your guests in, top-up your Insurance with us, Inlet

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Welcome to Inlet

Insurance Top Up

We provide insurance which top’s-up your Home or Landlord Insurance when you need it.

We know your home is so much more than a place to sleep. It’s an asset, a space you can open up for many things which can save you money or be used to generate a bit of extra cash.

You could already be opening your doors to short-term paying guests or be really into house swapping. Whatever your venture, Inlet keeps it simple, allowing you to buy home insurance for your everyday family needs and top it up for all those extra things you do with your property.

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We Keep It Simple

No matter how diligent you are, there will be times when accidents happen. Even careful guests can cause damage. Our policies cover you when their actions cost you money and provide reassurance to guests too.


We keep it simple. Fixed prices for all customers on all top-ups


You can buy our Insurance for as little as £1 for 1 day. Buying this way gives you great flexibility.


If you are going to need more than a few days of top-up insurance it’s cheaper to go for one of our packages, which are 35 days a year up-to to a full annual policy


Your days can be used at any time throughout the year. There is no need to tell us every time you want to start and stop cover. Just make sure you keep a record in case we need it.


Inlet’s products are designed as top-up’s or additional covers to Home or Landlords insurance This means that you are not tied into your current home Insurance provider to be able to purchase our cover


We are completely tap and buy and just ask you a few questions when you’re ready to purchase that won’t take more than a couple of minutes to complete….and if you have already bought a product with us recently, we won’t ask you the same question again.

What our Customers say...

‘Inlet rocks. Make sure your main insurance covers Airbnb too. I switched to Direct Line, then added Inlet. '

' Great service. Just add it to any Home Insurance that covers Airbnb, such as Direct Line. Just make sure they know, and it’s listed on your policy.’

Andy D

What our Customers say...

‘Great support'

'Great support explained the intricacies of how hosting impacts home insurance and helped me get a great deal. Fortunately, no need to claim yet but let's hope the great service continues if that does come up. Thank you very much!’

Michael P

What our Customers say...

‘Brilliant product.'

'Brilliant product. Exactly what we needed and at a sensible price’

Dave N

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